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      • 联系电话
      • 400-097-3090
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      Company Profile
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      (一)Company ProfileShanghai Jiyan Financial Consulting Service Co , Ltd was established in July 2014 and has ser

      I.Company  Profile
      • Shanghai Jiyan Financial Consulting Service Co., Ltd. was established in July 2014 and has served more than 500 customers. Jiyan Finance has long been committed to providing professional financial and tax consulting as well as financial and tax outsourcing services for Shanghai SMEs. Jiyan Finance is determined to become the McKinsey of SMEs and a stable and reliable financial and tax outsourcing service provider for Shanghai SMEs.
      • Jiyan Finance has successively obtained the authorization of the Accounting Agency License from the Finance Bureau, the tax-related professional service organization of the Tax Bureau, and the trademark agency of the Intellectual Property Office.
      • Jiyan Finance has established the Shanghai Jiyan Financial Expert Advisory Committee to provide in-depth consulting services in financial accounting, taxation, law, financing, and intellectual property rights for the majority of SMEs.

      II.Business Scope
      a. Finance and taxation consultation;
      b. Financial outsourcing;
      c. Prepare reconciliation statements;
      d. Accounting software service;
      e. Advisory services;
      f. Tax planning;
      g. Preparation and submission of monthly and annual VAT returns;
      h. Preparation and submission of quarterly CIT returns;
      i. Export tax rebate agency;
      j. Register company agency;
      k. Change and cancellation of company;

      III.Company Culture
      • Jiyan Finance adheres to the professional ethical standards of the consulting service industry. Our principles and goals are ‘professionalism, integrity and efficiency’. Jiyan Finance will keep its promises and strive to serve customers well and establish good cooperative relations with enterprises.

      IV.Contact information
      a. Contact number: 400-097-3090 021-31779849
      b. Contact mobile phone: 13917175570
      c. Contact email: jiyancaiwu@163.com
      d. Contact address: Room 2522, Block A, Greenland Meeting Center, 500 Yunjin Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


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